Privacy policy

Access iQ™ privacy policy

Our commitment to your privacy

Access iQ™ abides by Australia's National Privacy Principles and is committed to respecting your right to privacy and your right to control the accuracy of your personal information.

  • We are committed to protecting your privacy in all your dealings with us: when you contact us, visit our website, use any downloadable applications (apps) and any other Access iQ™ platform and/or technology whether known now or created in the future ('the Sites'), respond to one of our surveys or promotions, subscribe to one of our magazines or to our websites, buy something from us or share your experiences with us.
  • We only collect personal information that is needed for or directly related to the functions and activities of Access iQ™ — for example, to deliver information, goods or services you have requested or to communicate promotional offers.
  • We protect your details through encryption, firewalls and computer security systems.
  • We never share information about you with any other organisation beyond what is necessary to deliver the goods or services you have requested from us.
  • You are welcome to review the information we hold about you.
  • You have the right to opt out of individually addressed promotional mailings.
  • We deal with complaints about privacy breaches promptly.

This policy covers information that identifies you as an individual. It also covers information from which your identity is apparent or could reasonably be ascertained (e.g., by matching different sets of data held by Access iQ™).

Information we collect

We only collect personal information about you if:

  • It is necessary to supply you with what you request or give you the access you need — for example, if:
  • You subscribe to one of our newsfeeds, websites or email newsletters;
  • You respond to one of our promotional offers;
  • You purchase content or other items from us;
  • You ask us for advice in relation to an accessibility issue; or
  • You share your experiences relating to an accessibility issue.
  • It is for research, planning, product development and marketing requirements of Access iQ™ — for example, to communicate promotional offers.
  • It is necessary to protect the rights or property of Access iQ™, any Access iQ™ publication, any Access iQ ™ subscriber or any member of the public.
  • It is necessary to lessen a serious threat to a person's health or safety.
  • It is required by law.

We will only collect information by lawful and fair means and we will take steps to ensure that the information we collect does not intrude to an unreasonable extent on your personal affairs.

When we ask you for information, we will tell you:

  • Who we are and how to contact us;
  • What information we need and why we're collecting it;
  • How you can get access to the personal information you give us if you want to check or change it;
  • Any law that requires us to collect it; and
  • The main consequences (if any) if all or part of the information is not provided.

We will usually collect personal information directly from you.

Sensitive information

Sensitive information is information that identifies an individual's racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, membership of a political association, religious beliefs or affiliations, philosophical beliefs, membership of a professional or trade association, membership of a trade union, sexual preferences or practices, criminal record or health information. Access iQ™ does not intentionally collect sensitive information about you, unless you specifically choose to volunteer it to us, for example in an email to us about your experiences or concerns. When we collect information for research topics, the information is usually collected anonymously and is only used in the aggregate, for example to lobby the government and private enterprise for better services, unless you give your consent to being identified. You can, of course, always opt out of giving this kind of information.


Wherever it is lawful and practicable we will give you the option of not identifying yourself when contacting or dealing with Access iQ™. So, for example, you can visit the free parts of the Sites, respond to surveys, without identifying yourself. However, if you want to receive one of Access iQ's premium, membership or subscription products or services, ask a question about the personal information we hold about you, purchase information or services directly from user participate in one of our promotions you will need to give us certain personal information.

Information you may choose to provide

If you take part in an online, mail, mobile, text, email or phone survey the information we collect is usually anonymous and is only used in aggregated form unless we specifically tell you otherwise at the time we collect it. You may always choose not to participate. All information gathered in this way is kept strictly confidential. We may also collect general demographic data so we can check aggregated results against industry statistics to ensure they're representative, but the identification is no more specific than your postcode and is never used on an individual basis. Where you give us information about your experiences, this may be interesting to others when we publish articles on those topics.

Any postings you voluntarily supply in our Forums, Blogs, Articles, Community or Marketplace, should be considered public knowledge and will be accessible by search engine spiders. This includes any information you provide in the “profile” associated with any accounts you have with Access iQ™. Unfortunately Access iQ™ cannot retroactively edit your username, profile or posted messages.

If you participate in the Marketplace, Job Boards and Directory, your contact information will be shared with the counter-party to any transactions/communications you are entering into.

Any messages sent through Access iQ™ servers, including person-to-person communications, are unencrypted and may be accessed by Access iQ™ employees or contractors.

How your personal information is used and disclosed

We will not use or disclose or permit the use or disclosure of personal information that could be used to identify an individual except in the following circumstances:

  • When you purchase something from us or respond to one of our promotions we will use the information you provide to deliver any information, goods and/or services you have requested.

For Access iQ™ members, customers and users we may also:

  • Ask you for your email address so we can send you our e-newsletters — you can always opt out of these
  • Tell you about related products or services that Access iQ™ provides. For example we may send you information about our training or events.
  • Invite you to participate in research to improve Access iQ™ products and services,
  • Invite you to participate in surveys about consumer products or services, for example, send you a survey about your experiences with an accessibility project you've worked on.
  • Invite you to participate in Accessibility Coding Events or similar involvement programs.
  • Invite you to access the Sites.

If you give us your email, text and/or Twitter or equivalent technology address to be alerted when a new report is published, we will contact you by email, text and/or Twitter or equivalent technology.

If you participate in the Marketplace for Events, Job Boards and Directory by initiating contact with a service provider or job advertiser, your contact information will be shared with the counter-party to any transactions/communications you are entering into.

If you are promoting a service, event or employment, prospective customers will be able to contact you via the Access iQ™ site but your email address will not be divulged. Your contact details will only be shared once you respond to the inquiry from your own email address.

Any messages sent through Access iQ™ servers, including person-to-person communications, are unencrypted and may be accessed by Access iQ™ employees or contractors.

Where personal information you give us is disclosed to an agent of Access iQ™ (for example to data processing, data analysis, printing, or mailing contractors) it will only be disclosed to the extent necessary to enable them to undertake the specific task we've contracted them to do and we will require them to operate under conditions of confidentiality, which will be specified as a term of the contract between Access iQ™ and the agent. Such an agent will be required to return all original records to Access iQ™, return or securely destroy any copied records and ensure that its employees are familiar with their obligations of privacy and confidentiality. Personal information collected by Access iQ™ will not knowingly be given, sold or rented for use by any other organisation or for any other purpose. Any partners of Access iQ™ are also required to abide by Australia's National Privacy Principles. Access iQ™ does not knowingly transfer personal information about individuals to anyone else, or any other organisation in a foreign country.

The quality and security of your personal information

The personal information we hold about you is driven by the information you supply us on your Access iQ™ website user account. At any time you have the opportunity to log into your account from our website and update your personal information and communication preferences.

Our customer records are protected by a range of security measures: encryption, firewalls and/or computer network security systems, restricted access and building security systems. Personal information about former customers is retained for a period of time after the customer relationship ceases as required by law — for example, financial records must be kept for seven (7) years — and as part of Access iQ's intellectual property base.

Access iQ™ employees are trained in and abide by this privacy policy. Adherence to the policy is reviewed annually by Access iQ™.

How to opt out

If you do not wish to receive further promotional material from Access iQ™ you can opt-out:

  • Via a link included on all electronic communications that you receive from us
  • Please email us using the form on our Contact page.

If you contact us to make the change for you, you will need to give sufficient information for us to identify you, for example, your name and address plus your member number if you have purchased a membership.

How to update your details

To simply update your details you can:

  • Use your log-in and update your details directly on your profile
  • Please email us using the form on our Contact page.

You will need to give us sufficient information so that we can identify you — for example your name, address and phone number plus your member number in the case of a membership to Access iQ™ or your email address and 'clue question' answer in the case of a subscription to the Sites.

Changes to this privacy policy

We review this policy regularly and update it in accordance with changes to the law or to the services we offer.  If our privacy policy changes, we will draw your attention to our new policy through the contact you have with us through the site.


We are committed to dealing quickly and appropriately with any complaint you make about your privacy in relation to Access iQ's publications, services or practices, or any Access iQ™ joint partner. If you are concerned that this privacy policy may have been breached or that your privacy may have been compromised please contact us in writing immediately, setting out your concerns.

  • Please email us using the form on our Contact page.
  • Fax us on (02) 9212 6289; mark your fax "Attention Access iQ™ Consumer Services"

Please include a daytime telephone number where we can contact you. We will use our best endeavours to get back to you within one (1) working day of receiving your complaint and will work with you to resolve your problem to your satisfaction within ten (10) further working days.

Links to other websites

The Sites may provide links to other websites, sites and/or apps when we consider you may be interested in the content on those sites and/or apps. This in no way constitutes an endorsement of those sites and/or apps or their content and the Sites have no control over the conduct of the companies or organisations operating those sites or apps. Before you disclose any personal information to such a site, we advise you to check its terms and conditions, including its privacy and security policies.

Tell us what you think

Access iQ™ welcomes your comments about our privacy policy. Please email us using the form on our Contact page.


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