Social media for people with a disability

Social media is what allows anyone with an internet connection to publish their own content and connect with other people. Through it, we receive a wealth of information and interaction.

For people with a disability, such as a hearing, sight or mobility impairment, social media websites and applications have their own barriers. In late 2011, Media Access Australia undertook research to determine how the accessibility issues found in each of the most popular social media tools can be overcome.

Funded by the Australian Communications Consumer Action Network (ACCAN), the Sociability: social media for people with a disability review aims to enable all users to have equal access to the inclusion which social media allows.

Australia’s most popular social media tools were tested for their accessibility. Users with disabilities then contributed their tips and tricks on how to overcome each social network’s inaccessible features.

This body of knowledge can be found in the guide to each social media listed below.

Download the full report:

Access iQ™ is an initiative of Media Access Australia, Australia's only independent not-for-profit organisation who advocates for equal access to media and technology for users of all abilities. The original article, Social media for people with a disability is republished with their permission.