On-site training

What are on-site training services?

Access iQ is a Media Access Australia service. Media Access Australia’s on-site training services provide a transfer of knowledge and best practices to an organisation’s staff members so that they are equipped with the expertise to implement web accessibility.

Our training courses focus on:

  • Accessible content writing.
  • Creating accessible Word and PDF documents.
  • Using InDesign to create accessible PDFs.
  • Using accessible templates.
  • DIY captioning.
  • All participants receive a user manual or course notes and instructions.

Where do they fit on the path to web accessibility compliance?

On-site training services are about embedding accessibility best practice and knowledge in an organisation so it has the skills and expertise internally to practically implement accessibility across the organisation — from day-to-day operations, to strategic decisions, internal and external communication, and product and service design.

Why do I need on-site training?

Building skills and sharing knowledge is integral to developing productive teams. Our training courses are hands-on and practical. They are designed to teach what you need to know for compliance as well as achieve best practice in the workplace.

What should I look for in an on-site training provider?

Flexible delivery: We understand that organisations and teams work differently. Group training sessions can cater for up to 20 people and sessions can occur on-site or at a dedicated training facility.

Customised, standards-based training designed to your needs: Our courses are designed to train individuals in on-the-job implementation of accessibility and can be customised to provide train-the-trainer deliverables.

Why should I source my on-site training from Media Access Australia?

Credibility, expertise, and services customised to your organisation.

Media Access Australia is Australia’s only independent not-for-profit organisation dedicated to improving media and web accessibility for people with disabilities. As a member of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) its staff regular present at national and global accessibility conferences. Media Access Australia has also partnered with the University of South Australia for the country’s first university-accredited accessibility training course, the Professional Certificate in Web Accessibility (PCWA).

What next?

Call +61 2 9212 6242 or complete the enquiry form on our Contact page for more information and pricing.