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Digital accessibility services

Media Access Australia's on-site training services provide a transfer of knowledge and best practices to an organisation's staff members.
Our audit service is tailored to your organisation. It identifies accessibility pain points, barriers and obstacles then makes clear recommendations.
We help organisations ensure their website applications are accessible to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).


Access iQ spoke to Dan Craddock ahead of his presentation on PDF accessibility at the Melbourne A11y Bytes event on 15 May.


As social media grows as a powerful medium for sharing information and ideas, the need for accessible infographics has become more critical.

Web Accessibility Wizard

This wizard consolidates all your WCAG 2.0 queries into the one, easy to navigate search result.

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Web accessibility know how



While accessibility should be factored into any project in the planning stages, it's in development when HTML and CSS techniques are implemented.


Accessibility testing specialists Web Key IT were engaged to conduct the website accessibility audit of the Access iQ™ website releases.

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